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Earth Conscious

Earth Conscious was founded by Angela & her family in Hampshire in 2014. Making the Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant was born out of a need to find a natural deodorant that worked effectively against body odour. Years of trying and testing various natural and non-natural products without great success drove Angela to start making their own, it’s that simple.

Angela. Co-founder of Earth Conscious
Angela. Co-founder of Earth Conscious

Earth Conscious Deodorants are made with an Organic Coconut, Shea butter & Arrowroot Powder base mixed with Sodium Bicarbonate & Sunflower wax and in the case of the deodorant balm/paste added Jojoba Wax and optional essential oils for scent.

*Ingredients information is taken from the Earth Conscious website

Coconut  Oil* – (Soil Association certified organic) The main ingredient, skin soothing & softening, anti-bacterial & antifungal. Perfect for use in deodorant.

Shea Butter* – (Soil Association certified organic) contains fatty acids and nutrients that work wonders for our skin.

Arrowroot Powder* – (Organic) – An edible flour in a similar form to potato flour. It gives the deodorant a creamier texture that is easier to apply to the skin.

Jojoba Wax* – The oil most similar to human sebum which makes it useful in balancing the oil on our skin.

Sunflower Wax* – Sunflower wax is rich in Vitamin E which helps to fight free radicals in the skin and prevent dry skin conditions

Sodium Bicarbonate* -An active ingredient in odour control. Both antibacterial and absorbent, it is powerful and simply the best at keeping odour at bay all day long. It can be a skin irritant that can build with time or when your skin PH changes (with hormones etc).

Natural Fragrance* – Essential oils,such as Lavender, Teatree, Lemon etc. Some are organic.

The majority of the ingredients are organic but some are not which makes me wonder why, as it is probably quite easy to get hold of Lavender Oil, Jojoba & Sunflower wax in its organic form. I have come to the conclusion it is because Earth Conscious are trying to remain affordable to customers, therefore, it is a delicate balancing act.

All ingredients are biodegradable and marine safe.

Packaging – Totally recyclable & plastic free. Packaging is a source of pride for Earth Conscious as they campaign against plastic littering in our seas and donate 10% of profits to a Marine Charity. The paste is in a recyclable metal tin, and the stick is in a cardboard container which is biodegradable or compostable.

A truly zero waste product.

Awards and accreditations: Certified a vegan product by The Vegetarian Society, Certified Cruelty-Free & Vegan by PETA. Awards won include ones by Green Parent magazine.

What I like: The zero waste packaging and that the product ingredients were marine safe. I also like the price point as it is an affordable deodorant at £7.00 for a tin/stick that can last a while.

What I did not like: I would like to see a non-sodium Bicarbonate version and for some more of the ingredients to be organic.

In conclusion, –  A great brand, I love the packaging, product and that it is zero waste.

Where to buy: We have the full range on Wild Earth Beauty, Otherwise, you can buy it directly from Earth Conscious on Amazon Prime



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