Rawgaia is an award-winning skincare range brought to us by Jessica Micheal from Brighton in the UK, where every item from their skincare range is handmade in small batches.

The ethos behind Rawgaia is of a range of organic, vegan skincare made with cold-pressed superfoods that we all can recognize with absolutely no synthetic chemical ingredients included.

I find Rawgaia, as a brand to be totally transparent in everything they do. All the ingredient are stated and are clearly labeled with certification from COSMOS Soil Association, The Vegan Society and Leaping Bunny.

Why Raw Superfoods? Our bodies are made to eat and absorb natural plants that are full of nutrients, vitamins, and mineral that our bodies need to be healthy. Some say we absorb a certain percentage of everything we put on our skin, so by applying well researched raw superfoods to your skin, we are harnessing the raw power of plants to not only help us with the conditioner of our skin but also to not do any further harm.

Why Coldpressed? In basic terms no heat is caused by the extraction of the ingredient from the plants, therefore the ingredients are purer with a higher nutrient content.

COSMOS_-_Green_ab79a081-5ee8-4741-b11e-195e2fd222f0_grandeOrganic. Ingredients are sourced from organic or wildcrafted sources wherever possible. Organic meaning, using ingredients which are grown without the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s), pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and more. (Soil Association Definition). The Goji Berry and Hemp Glow Ritual are certified COSMOS products. The MSM Ritual is organic but not certified due to the use of MSM, as while MSM is organic it cannot be certified as Organic.

With all the press talk on greenwashing, it is really great to see brands such as Rawgaia using The Soil Association COSMOS certification. The certification means the product has to state on the packaging what percentage of the product is Organic. For the product to be called and certified organic, it must have Organic ingredients of 95% or over.

LEAPING_BUNNY_-_Green_cd41caed-bfcc-4759-9820-c7a1db26c934_grandeLeaping Bunny Certified & Vegan The brand is totally vegan and Leaping Bunny certified. Rawgaia requires all their suppliers to complete a legal document to state that they do not test their raw ingredient on animals. Rawgaia is tested on human volunteers and does not pay anyone to test products on animals.

Packaging. Rawgaia uses recyclable packaging for the products and compostable packaging when sending the items to us. I find the glass bottles and jars to be beautiful and hope in the future Rawgaia will do a return scheme like Boomtown as they are too beautiful to recycle as normal. I would like to see them change the plastic lids on the jars for aluminum though.

Rawgaia was one of the first brands to take me on as a new store, I really like their products and ethos and so do others looking at all the awards they get. They tick all my boxes, made in the UK, Beautiful glass packaging with minimal plastic. They are certified by the Vegan Society, Cruelty International & COSMOS and I find them a real quality product. I have personally used the MSM Cleansing Serum and MSM Cream which I rate.

To Buy: They are sold on Amazon Prime by Amazon* at below the RRP.

Awards Won.

MSM Beauty Ritual Range* – Health & Beauty Best Organic Range 2017

MSM Beauty Cleansing Serum RRP £30* – Natural Health Beauty Awards 2017 & 2016 Jamey Loves Platinum Awards Winner.

MSM Beauty Tonic RRP £22* – Health & Beauty Award Winner 2017

MSM Beauty Cream RRP £30* Beauty Shortlist Editors Choice 2017, Health & Beauty Award Winner 2017 & Free From Shortlisted 2016

Goji Berry Beauty Balm RRP £25*– Beauty Shortlist Award Winner 2017

Organic Hemp Glow Balm RRP £25* Janey Loves Platnium Award 2017


Blog updated on 19/10/2018.


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