Nathalie Bond

Nathalie Bond*

Nathalie Bond is a small skincare company based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. It is run by Natalie and Andy Bond.

Nathalie Bond Products are certified as either Soil Association Natural or Soil Association Organic, most of them are vegan-friendly except for the skin balms and lip balms which contain Beeswax, all are made with natural ingredients, cruelty-free in recyclable packaging.

Nathalie Bond

Their journey began a few years ago when Natalie became pregnant with her first child. It was the discovery that our bodies will absorb whatever we apply to our skin that started their exploration into the ingredients within the bath and body products she was using every day. Most are harmless, however, some were considered harmful and linked with cancer.

It was a catalyst that saw Nat & Andy begin to make their own soap bars using natural and organic ingredients to replace chemical-filled supermarket soap.

Every product fits into one of four categories: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Nourish, Relax. Nathalie Bond believes these form the ‘essentials’ of beauty care.


So what’s in it? Only Registered Natural & Organic ingredients, clearly labeled & certified. All cruelty-free, and some vegan-friendly, apart from  Beeswax used in skin and Lip Balms.

The candles are 100% natural and are made from soy wax and pure essential oils. The soy wax we use is free from pesticides and herbicides and genetically modified material.

Ingredients thoughts: I love that as much as the ingredients as possible are from Organic farming and that the percentage of registered organic ingredients are clearly shown on the packaging.

Packaging – packaging is made from recyclable and reusable cardboard, aluminum and glass. The liquid soap, body oils and mists have plastic spray tops.

Awards and accreditations- Accredited Natural or Organic by the Soil Association.

What I like: The product smell divine and if they can have organic ingredients, they have them. The packaging looks good and is recyclable with minimal plastic (where no alternative exists).

What I did not like: Nothing! Its all good.

Favorite Product: Bloom Bath salts!! Smell divine and leave your skin silky soft and hydrated afterward.

In conclusion, A great buy for yourself or as a gift. The Bloom Fragrance cannot be beaten!

Where to buy? We have all the Vegan-friendly products on Wild Earth Beauty. 




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