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Which Menstrual Cup?

I have used menstrual cups for years and they were honestly life-changing for me. Less hassle, less money and weirdly less period pain.
How do you know which one to choose?

Menstrual cups are made from one of 3 materials- Silicone, Natural Rubber or TPE, which is a thermoplastic rubber (usually a plastic/rubber combination)

What is Medical-grade Silicone?

  • A non-toxic polymer mostly mostly made from Silica (sand). It has a lifespan of 5-10 years.
  • Silicon is the second most abundant element on the planet, after oxygen. (Royal Society of Chemistry).
  • Silicone is very strong and less likely to tear.
  • Silicone cups are more likely to retain their shape for their lifespan.
  • Used for lots of medical devices. Very hypoallergenic.
  • Can withstand sunlight or high temperatures (i.e to boil and sterilise).
  • Expensive to make.
  • Recyclable where facilities exist.

Menstrual Cups made from Silicone:


Brand: Mooncup

Made in: UK

Accreditations: Certified Vegan, Cruelty-free and an Ethical Consumer Best Buy.

Different Sizes: 2

Help after purchase: Help section on website.

My review*: I have used a Mooncup for years and am really happy with it. A good sturdy cup, that is easy to insert, use and clean. I feel comfortable using it overnight. As  a vagina is non sterile and is self cleaning to a certian extent I am happy with cleaning with hot tap water at the beginning, during and end of my period. I have never felt the need to sterilise it.

Tip: The rinsing with water also helps with insertion.

The only slight issue is that it is made with a clear silicone that discolours over time. So does not look its best!

*My own cup. Paid for by myself.

Where to buy: Wild Earth Beauty for £17.95


Brand: Organicup

Made in:  Denmark

Accreditations: Certified Vegan & Hypoallergenic

Help after purchase: Online & You Tube video

Different Sizes: 3

Organicup £18.95

Sileu cups
Sileu Cups

Brand: Sileu

Made in:  Spanish brand.

My Review: Click here

Accreditations: None

Help after purchase: Online Chat.

Different Sizes: 8 different Flexibilities & 2 different Sizes. 3 Colours.

Sileu Cup from £8.63 – £19.99 on Amazon

Natural Rubber Latex

  • A Natural Material
  • Biodegradable
  • People can be allergic to latex
  • Unsure of the lifespan

Menstrual Cups made with FSC certified fair trade natural latex

Fair Squared Menstrual Cup
Fair Squared Menstrual Cup

Brand: Fairsquared

Made in: Germany

Made from: FSC Certified Fair Trade Natural Latex Rubber

Accreditations: Certified Vegan & Fairtrade Rubber.

Different Sizes: 2

Help after purchase: Could not find much on the brand website.

Fairsquared Menstrual Cup £17.95

TPE – A thermplastic rubber, which is a mixture of plastic and rubber.

  • Cheaper to make than Silicone, easier to colour.
  • Last 3- 5 years may lose its shape over time
  • Recyclable
TOTM Menstrual Cup
TOTM Menstrual Cup

Brand: TOTM

Made in: Spain from FDA approved medical grade TPE

Accreditations: PETA Certified Cruelty-free & Vegan

Different Sizes: 3

Help after purchase: Website, message or phone

My Review*: I used with no problem, not as thick as the Mooncup, possibly easier to insert for teenagers, and teenager have their own size, which is good. No stem to trim. A lovely hot pink colour that has not discoloured with use. Easy to clean and use.

*50% Discount given in exchange for a review.

TOTM Cup £19.95

Kind Organic Menstrual cup
Kind Organic Menstrual cup

Brand: Kind Organic

Made in: Spain

Different Sizes: 2

Help after purchase: None seen

Available at Boots for £21.95*


Personally I am very happy with my Mooncup and would not use anything else. I am happy that it is made from a medical grade material that has been tested over a number of years with the highest biocompatibility rating for use inside the human body. With a Rubber cup, I would worry about a latex allergy.

The TPE is fine and I would recommend for teenagers but it does not have the longevity of Silicone which is what I need as a woman in her forties.

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