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Pinks Boutique Complete Organic Skincare

Pinks Boutique has a fabulous inspiring story behind this award winning brand. Bought to us by husband and wife team Luke & Kirsty they are totally about the ingredients of their products and about educating the masses to why we should not be using alot of ingredients that you find in mainstream brands.

Who? Why? Kirsty has a history entrenched in the Beauty Industry and Luke is a scientist. As Kirsty began to realise what was in the products she had been using for years and began to look for alternatives, Luke was also eating more healthy and researching an organic lifestyle. In this Lukes and Kirstys interests collide and Pinks Boutique Organic Skincare was born!

(Kirsty tells this story so much better than me!, Sign up to Pink Boutique Newsletter and you get the whole story and really what Pinks Boutique is all about! Link here – Right hand corner of front page.

What is Pinks Boutique?: Pinks Boutique is a luxury Organic Spa brand. Numerous Spas around the world use and are trained in Pink Boutique products. Everything from skincare, bodycare, hand and feet and spa decor.

Ingredients Policy: Cruelty-free. Vegan. Certifed Organic by the Soil Assocation. Gluten-free, Petroleum-free and no SLS.

Packaging – Recyclable Glass, PET Plastic. No excess packaging. Minimal Plastics, they use glass where they can.

Awards and accreditations- Soil Association Organic Certified and Beauty Shortlist, Beauty Bible, Green Parent Awards. See here for full list.

Customer Reviews: See Website.

What I like: Everything! The best result of a newsletter sign up! A 20% Off discount and a series of newletters telling me the story of Pinks Boutique.

Tha packaging, the glass has a heavy luxury feel.

What I did not like: The amount of plastic used. I undertsand why (Kirsty talks about the reasons why- You tube/Podcast) but would prefer it reduced.

My hero products: Deep Cleansing Melt and Eye Cream.

Where to buy? Direct from Pinks Boutique or from Only Naturals

In Conclusion: 

One of my go to luxury brands. I love the story and the products. It is on my wishlist to visit one of their spas soon.





Certified Vegan

Vegan Friendly

Certified Cruelty-free


Certified Organic


Marine Safe






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