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Pinks Boutique Ultimate anti-oxidant renewal eye cream Review

I am not one for eye cream. I remember from my Virgin Vie days, that we were shown a video of eye cream that had absorbed only just under the first layers of the skin. It was just sitting in the eye bag. It was gross and it really put me off! But there comes a time when you get a bit older and you perhaps don’t look after yourself as well as you should and your eyes need a bit of help.

I tried this in the winter, over the holiday season. Lots of late nights, alcohol and bad foods.

The Blurb: The ultimate anti – oxidant dose to reduce and prevent the appearance of fine lines, leaving the eye area smooth and firm. Our unique rich combination of omega fatty acids aid cell regeneration and proliferation. Formulated with anti-inflammatory soothing botanical extracts to relieve sore, irritated eyes and to protect the skin from environmental stress. Fragrance free to be suitable on even the most sensitive eyes. Remember your eyes do not need it to smell nice! In fact fragrance should be avoided on such a delicate area.

So whats in it?

Ingredients (23)

Aqua – Water
Helianthus annus (sunflower) seed oil* – Organic & Coldpressed EWG 1 – a light, quickly absorbed oil very high in antioxidants. Both moisturising and soothing, it helps promote healing and protection of the skin from free radicals and sun damage. Contains Beta-carotene which helps lighten redness and even out skin tone.Marine Safe.
Butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter* – Organic & fairtrade – EWG 1. Direct from a women’s co-operative in Africa, Raw & Unrefined. Soothing & hydrating promotes healing, cell renewal and skin suppleness to reducing irritation, inflammation and sun damage. Marine Safe.
Theobroma cacao seed butter* -Cocoa Butter EWG 1, Goes from a solid to a melty butter on warming by rubbing into the skin. It is a rich emollient and packed with skin-caring and protective antioxidants. Great for sensitive skin. Also anti-bacterial. Marine Safe.
Glyceryl stearate -EWG 1, Made from  vegetable oils and used an an emulisifer and a stabiliser for oil in water emulsions
Cetearyl alcohol – EWG Score 1 – is made by combining fatty alcohols from vegetable sources, such as Coconut. Used as a stabilizer to thicken an emulsion and keep it from separating. It is also an emollient which leave the skin feeling soft and smooth.
Glycerine***- Vegetable Glycerin can be found in a variety of skin care products and is often used as an alternative to alcohol to extract botanicals. Glycerin is used to stop skin drying out and gives that smooth silky feeling to the product.
Olea europaea fruit oil* Olive Oil is made from pressing whole Olives which is a traditional crop from the Mediterranean. It is a rich and heavy oil, it penetrates deep into the skin providing long-lasting hydration.-
Punica granatum seed oil *  – Pomegranate Oil EWG 1, antioxidant properties that improves the regeneration of the skin extremely valuable for dry, aging and stressed skin.
Adansonia digitata oil* – Baobab Seed Oil EWG 1,is well known for its amazing benefits on the skin.
Various parts of the Baobab tree have been consumed since ancient times for its extremely high concentration of calcium and Vitamin C. Baobab Oil also contains high levels of protein and Vitamin A.
The enriching Baobab oil nourishes, improves skin elasticity, helps to rejuvenate new skin cells and promote healing. Baobab is rich in antioxidants which protect the skin from free radical damage and is, therefore, a great anti-aging ingredient.
Linum usitatissimum seed oil* – Flax Seed Oil EWG 1, Essential fatty acids help keep the skin from drying out and keepit moist.
Mauritia flexuosa (buriti) fruit oil** – Buriti Oil, helps protect the skin from environmental  stress, deeply moisturises your pores and helps your skin feel firm and wrinkle free.
Sucrose stearate – EWG 1,  Made from sugar and (normally) Coconut Oil. Used  as a mild emulsifier.
Sodium stearoyl glutamate – EWG 1, Used as an emulsifier & a Skin Conditioner.
Aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder* – Aloe Vera EWG 1-2 Organic. Freshly cut leaf juice prepared into a powder and used to soothe the scalp. Marine Safe.
Arnica montana flower extract * – Arnica improved the elasticity of the skin and is an anti-microbial.
Coco-glucoside -EWG 1 – is a non-ionic surfactant that is used as a cleansing and conditioning agent. Made from coconut oil, corn and fruit sugars. Marine Safe.
Coconut alcohol – A stabiliser
Tocopherol – a fat-soluble vitamin is a naturally occurring antioxidant which can be isolated from vegetable oil. Used as an antimicrobial to keep the product fresher longer.-
Xanthan gum -EWG 1 – A moisturising gel produced by fermenting corn sugar.
Benzyl alcohol- is a natural ingredient of various essential oils
Lactic acid -EWG 1 – is produced by the natural fermentation of non-GM plant sugars. It is part of the Natural Moisturising factor (NMF) of the skin and helps maintain the natural protective acid mantle of the skin.
Dehydroacetic acid – EWG 1 Used as a preservative.
(*Certified organic. **Wild-crafted. ***Organic origin.)
EWG Score from the Skin Deep Cosmetic Database* based on an amalgamation of scientific data on ingredients, Score 1 is the lowest risk score.

Ingredients thoughts: At first look I did  wonder if I had made a mistake in purchasing this. 23 ingredients I thought is rather a lot to put on the sensitive thin skin of the eye.

On closer look there is no ingredient listed that has an EWG score over a 1 or nothing I cannot pronounce. As it is a water based emulsion it does have a preservative but nothing too scary.

It is 90% Organic which is really good and I did feel there was no ingredient included that did no have a job to do.

Packaging – Glass bottle with pump. Small  and easy to hold and use. A light but heavyweight glass. Plastic pump. Packaged in a box, which rightly or wrongly you would expect for the price.

My only issue with the packaging was that the pump could not deliver the last few weeks of cream. I had 2 weeks where I used a cotton bud to get the remainder out of the bottle to use.

Pinks Boutique are aware of this issue but say that the alternative is a glass jar which is unsanitary or packaging that is not as environmentally friendly as this one.

Awards and accreditations –  Certifed Organic by the Soil Assocation. Green Parent Beauty Award Bronze 2016.

Customer Reviews: See brand website reviews here.

My Review: A light cream, easy to get too much out of the pump , which I did a few times until I got the hang of depressing the pump slightly. Easy to spread around your eye socket with no dragging of the skin. I felt that the cream fully absorbedas eyes did not feel heavy afterwards. Skin around eyes felt cool, smooth and soft. Puffiness and redness were reduced and I felt you could definitely see a difference when I ran out.

I cannot comment about a reduction in eye wrinkles as I don’t have any! (Dont hate me, I have different skin issues!)

It lasted me just under 3 months, with the last few weeks applying with a cotton bud as the pump no longer reached the cream.

I liked this cream, I liked what it did for my eyes ans skin. It is definately one to try. I cannot compare to any others as I have not used any!

For me I would use it again as I felt it did work ,but saying that my next eye cream to try is oil based and has less ingredients in, so I will see how thay compare.

What I like: I like that it had no fragrance, what eyes need fragrance?

What I did not like: The pump not working for the last 2 weeks.

Where to buy? £56 for 15ml. Directly on Pinks Boutique here with free delivery, 2 free samples and a 30 day no quibble guarantee. Only Naturals here with free delivery.

*This eye cream was paid for by myself and as always I have written an honest review.





Certified Vegan

Vegan Friendly

Certified Cruelty-free


Certified Organic

Yes. Soil Association

Marine Safe






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