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BYBI Mega Mist Review

The Bybi Mega Mist is a game changer for me.

Knowing the benefits of Hyaluronic acid, I had previously tried the Evolve Beauty Hyaluronic  Serum, but it caused me to breakout and increased my skin redness.

So I was really pleased when the Mega Mist was Introduced to me at a Nini Organics* event at LeFix London last winter, it proved just what my dehydrated skin needed over the cold season.

The Blurb: Mega Mist is a hyaluronic acid face mist to hydrate, soften and refresh. Mega Mist can be used as a hyaluronic acid facial toner, in between cleansing and moisturising, or as a facial mist throughout the day. Hyaluronic acid face mists are an easy way to integrate this powerhouse skincare ingredient into your routine, for dewy and glowing skin, always.

So whats in it?

Ingredients (21)

Rosa Damascena (Rose) Flower Water – Created by distilling rose petals through steam. Used for thousands of years and possibly originating in what is now Iran. An anti-inflammatory & Anti-Bacterial.
Citrus Aurantium Amara (Bitter Orange) Flower Water – is an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, soothing, and has purifying abilities.
Melissa Officinalis (Lemon Balm) Flower/Leaf/Stem Water -Has a strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action as well as being known as calming, soothing, healing and tightening on the skin, whilst also stimulating circulation.
Glycerin – Vegetable Glycerin can be found in a variety of skin care products and is often used as an alternative to alcohol to extract botanicals. Glycerin is used to stop skin drying out and gives that smooth silky feeling to the product.

Aqua (Water)
Propanediol – EWG 1 , Made from Corn Sugar. A glycol which can help the absorbtion of ingredients (humectant). A hydrating product that can leave a smooth dewy look.
Sodium Levulinate – EWG 1 – A preservative made from a plant acid that helps maintain the acid balance.
Heptyl Glucoside – EWG 1 , derived from sugar & Caster Seeds. A skin Surfacant and skin penetration enhancer.
Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside – EWG Score 1, a mild, solubilizing non-ionic surfactant obtained from renewable raw materials: fatty alcohols and glucose from vegetable origin. Works as an emulsifier, which helps oils and water to mix.
Sodium Anisate EWG 1. A preservative made from Anise & Fennel.
Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid HA) Plant derived. HA has the ability to hold up to a thousand x its weight in water and is a humectant, meaning it attracts and holds onto moisture. In skin speak this means hydrated, moisturised skin that feels soft, plump and pillowy. Reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder – Aloe Vera EWG 1-2 Organic. Freshly cut leaf juice prepared into a powder and used to soothe the skin. Marine Safe.
Camellia Sinensis (Camellia) Leaf Extract – A Rich antioxidant. Helps protect your skin from environmental damage. Also an anti-inflammatory that helps soothe redness.
Laminaria Digitata (Algae) Extract. Seaweed. Known for it moisturising effect on the skin.
Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Fruit Extract – Rebalances skin so it is rehydrated and tightened. The invigorating effect gives you that “glow”.
Lactic Acid – EWG 1 – is produced by the natural fermentation of non-GM plant sugars. It is part of the Natural Moisturising factor (NMF) of the skin and helps maintain the natural protective acid mantle of the skin.
Polyglyceryl-5 Oleate – EWG 1, Plant based. Used as an emulsifier and fragrance stabiliser.
Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate –  EWG 1. A mild surfactant made from coconut oil and sugars.
Citric Acid – EWG Score 2, A natural preservative & PH adjuster.
Glyceryl Caprylate – EWG 1. Made from vegetable Oils.  A co-emulsifier that is mainly used to stabilize Oil/Water -emulsions. Helps regulate the skins moisture.
Heptanol – EWG 1  Natural alcohol found in the Rose Water.

BYBI Mega Mist

Ingredients thoughts: Quite a few ingredients. Rather a lot more than the Evolve Beauty Serum, 10 ingredients in comparison with the Mega Mist’s 21. But that maybe due to it being a mist rather than a serum.

Though the Mega Mist is 100% natural in comparison to Evolves Serum which is 99% Natural.

The Mega Mist makes up for this in the way that it is 3 products in one. A toner, a Facial mist and a treatment.

All the ingredients have a EWG Score of 1 and there is nothing of note that causes concern.

It would have been nice to see some organic ingredients but as one of BYBI Slogans is “Sustainable Skincare Accessible to everyone” I can understand why it does not have any organic ingredients as that does push the price up.

All of BYBI’s  ingredients have been assessed for their, Renewability,  Sustainability, Production Impact, and Transportation needs (Sea not air). As well as if the ingredients can be from an upcycled source.

Packaging – A heavyweight orange glass bottle with plastic spray pump. My spray stopped working a few week in, but it was easily exchanged for an alternative spray bottle that I had for travel.

The glass used is recycled where possible and they print directly onto their glass bottles rather than using labels.

The pump came in a cardboard box made from grasspaper. Grasspaper is from grass pulp that uses up less energy, water and emissions to make in comparison to wood pulp. It is fully recyclable.

The pump is not recyclable and is the only packaging that BYBI uses that is non-recyclable.  A recyclable version does not exist as of yet.

Awards and accreditations – Certified by The Vegan Society & By Leaping Bunny.

Customer Reviews: See BYBI Website*

My Review: At the time of review my skin was in a bit of a mess, really dry and flaky on the chin, with a few dry sore areas. Sometimes my face felt really tight.

I was recommneded this by Alex from Nini Organics and I used it after my cleanser and before my serum/oil.

A couple of sprays about 30cm from the face, shut your eyes and let it settle and then apply your moisturiser, which in my case is always oil.

In no time at all my flaky chin was gone and my face looked and felt plump and smooth. (Good for my frown line between my brows!).

It had a delicate fresh fragrance and felt cooling on the skin. If you applied too much if could feel a little sticky. I can recommend not to get it in your eyes and on your lips as it did not taste nice, but I think that was because I was trying to get it on my chin area and applying too close to my face.

I did  break my pump spray but it was easy to decant into another spray bottle.

What I like: I loved the mist. Its a repeat buy for me! Instantly my skin loved it. I like BYBI’s ethical sustainable policies and I would not hesitate to try another of their skincare range.

What I did not like: The spray  pump. I would be happy to buy this with a metal cap and decant into a spray bottle.

Where to buy? £26 for 50ml Content & Wellbeing, Boots & BYBI*

*This Mist was paid for by myself and as always I have written an honest review.

In Conclusion:





Certified Vegan


Certified Cruelty-free


Certified Organic


Marine Safe






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