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Sileu Menstrual Cup Review

As a long time user of Menstrual Cups I was asked to try a Sileu Menstrual Cup. To be honest I was not sure I want wanted to try another cup as surely they are all the same?

After doing some research on the Sileu Cup website page, it turned out that the Sileu brand is doing things a little differently and they peaked my interest.

Sileu is a spanish brand who wants to free women from the “Slavery” of traditional methods of  dealing with menstruation. Sileu cites how large sanitary brands such as J&J & P&G do not want women to know about menstrual cups as Tampons are a billion dollar product. With the Silau cup you can cover your costs of  buying the cup in a couple of months.

Sileu Cup
Sileu cup

The other thing that struck me was it is not one or two sizes to fit all. In the Sileu brand there are 8 different sizes, shapes, colours and types of cups. Each size has a full explantion for why it might be the cup for you. Different sizes for differnt strengths of pelvic floor muscles, one for after birth, one for first timers, one for sport and one for teenagers or with a low cervix.

The next thing is the Sileu extras you can buy in addition to the mentrual cup. It comes with the normal cotton bag, but you can also buy a hard case and different types of sterilisers.

This I thought was gimmicky at first, but when using it the case is actually really handy. The cotton bag with my cup in has often gone flying out of my bag when searching for car keys, so a solid case that sits in the bottom of my bag prevents this from happening and carries more than one cup, which is great if you work in an environment where you cannot wash the cup out easily to re insert and wish to use a new cup each time.

The large travel case I had is £9.99 from Sileu 

Over the years I have never sterilised my menstrual cups, just washed out after use and stored. Not because I don’t want to, but the hassle of taking it into the kitchen, boiling it in a saucepan and then having a conversation with my teenage son or 10-year-old daughter to what I am doing was just to much effort. Not that I want to hide menstruation from them, I just I don’t want them to watch my menstrual cup boiling in a saucepan!

I got the silicone sterilising pot (£12.99 Amazon), which you can use in the microwave or with sterilising tablets. Easy. It folds flat after use and even pops in the  large case, so perfect for travel.

Sileu cups
Sileu Cups

Made with: Medical grade silicone, tested by an independant lab as safe.

Packaging – Cup in a cotton bag and box, Instruction manual in 7 languages in a plastic bag, Travel case in plastic bag, steriliser in a box and plastic bag.

The whole package was delivered direct from Sileu in a grey postal plastic bag.

Customer Reviews: Best place for plenty of reviews is the Amazon website for Spain Click here  Google can translate it for you.

My Review:  I was sent a large Rose menstrual cup, a travel case and a folding steriliser. The menstrual cup had a flexiblity rating of 3 out of 8 (8 being the most flexible), it felt thicker & looked bigger than my mooncup, but the same size as my TOTM Cup. The Sileu cup needed to have the stem trimmed just like the Mooncup, but that was easy with a pair if scissors. The cup was less flexible than the mooncup though it felt like it should holds more. The Mooncup holds about 29mls and the Sileu 30mls.

It was easy to insert, stayed in place and was easy to change. I changed every 12 hours with no leakages.

The case has a space for the steriliser and a place for the cup. It has a hard outer shell and a zip closure. Mine was a pink with a rose flower sculpture ont the top. Great for a large handbag or tote.

The steriliser was folded down in itself and presents like a round disc with lid. You just pop it out to make the cup, add menstrual cup and water and put in microwave for 2-3 minutes without the lid on. Job done. You will have to wait for the steriliser cup to cool down before you can fold it back up to go in the case.

What I like: I like the cup it was easy to use, fit well, no leakages, easy to remove and clean. It felt a bit thicker than my other cups and not as flexible. I felt that it was tighter fit than other cups I have. The case was easy to use and fit the steriliser folded down and the cup in. The steriliser was easy to use and was big enough for the large cup with no spillages.

I like that there are a number of cups of different sizes and flexibilities. We are not all the same or have the same body shapes (in or outside), so it is great that this has been thought of. The Sileu website does explain the differences so you can select the right one for you. There is also a chat box if you need help.

I like the purchase price, especially for teenagers or someone trying a cup out for the first time. Sileu cups are currently from £8.63 on Amazon, that is really good value if you are thinking of trying out a menstrual cup, and for 10 years of use, is really is a no brainer!

Though the Rose cup I tried is £19.99. The cups do vary in price.

If you go in the Spanish Amazon, Sileu cups have a serious amount for 5 star reviews which is great!

What I did not like: The plastic used for the packaging, just not necessary. It all could be boxed, the instruction manual and steriliser did not need a bag.

The postal parcel could quite easily have been a box. That would have also looked better. I like to get a parcel that looks good.

Where to buy? Direct from Sileu or from Amazon. I recommend you do all your research on the Sileu Site first before purchasing.

*The Sileu Travel Pack was gifted in exchange for a review. As always I have written an honest review.

In Conclusion:





Certified Vegan


Certified Cruelty-free


Certified Organic


Marine Safe






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