Declutter your Bathroom

The new year for me, is not about diets or reducing my alcohol consumption. It is all about the Declutter!

Today I am having a really good declutter of my bathroom and having a really good sort out of my toiletries and makeup.

Declutter your space and it declutters your mind. Leaving you in a better headspace to move into the new year.

Free up extra space, donate or sell items you will never use, use up items half empty and repurpose old and tired items.

When going through your belongings, think about how they will ultimately be disposed of, and whether you can make better buying decisions next time.


The Bathroom Cabinet

The declutter of the bathroom starts with the bathroom cabinet.

  • Get it all out on a surface and make 3 piles.
  • Items you use every day or at least once a week.
  • Items you use now and again and
  • Items that are new and never opened.
  1.  Wipe & dry the cabinet and put back the everyday items. As you use them everyday I presume you will not need to check expiry dates? Keep a mental note of what will be running out soon.

2. Look at the items you use now and again. Check the expiry dates (if they have them) and consider if they have been open longer than the open jar sign on the product side. If they have been open too long or expired, consider whether they can be repurposed or will have to be thrown away.  For example, some face balms or body creams or oils I have repurposed to use as shaving creams. Not good enough to wash my face with but fine to be on my legs for 10 seconds before being shaved off again. If throwing away, empty contents into the bin and wash the container out to be recycled where possible.

3. New and unused items. Check expiry dates. Will you really use them? If you use them regularly and buy in bulk to save money then pop them back in the cabinet. If they are something you never use, consider donating to a local Foodbank or Beauty Banks.*

For higher-end cosmetics and skincare eBay is a really good place to sell unopened, new products.

Moving forward. Look at what you really use everyday. See our blogs on Reducing plastic waste in the shower  and Plastic-free Dental Care.  


Makeup Bag

Decluttering my makeup bag is always a hard one for me. I always feel so guilty as I hardly ever wear makeup. So it is very normal for me to throw makeup away.

I have sensitive skin, so tend to buy from make up counter’s as I need to wear it first before I buy. Therefore the packaging choices are not as good as if I was buying from ethical stores.

That is a lot of barely used makeup going to landfill. Last year I made more of an effort to buy the travel sized Hourglass product so I am wasting less but still the packaging is an issue.

Decluttering your makeup bag – Do exactly the same as you did above for your bathroom cabinet but apply to your makeup bag. With make-up, especially eye make up, it is really important you do not use once open past 6 months (or whatever the open jar symbol on the side says). Looking forward have a look at everyday items that can be bought with recyclable or refillable containers like Kjaer Weis Mascara  and Beneco’s Make-up Palette that both have refills available.

Make-up is easy to buy as an impulse buy so it is not uncommon to throw out half-used lip liners etc…So if possible try to kurb the impulse buy, and consider whether you really need the item. Think how much money you waste in little used cosmetics.

Nail Varnish – These are really difficult to recycle. So try and use up as much as you can by extending the use with nail polish thinner or (warm water before application!). Buy fewer bottles or small ones. Or just have more manicures and use someone else’s polish!


Face Cloth’s & Muslins

With daily use and indiscriminate washing (whites in with darks!), my face cloths start to look a little grubby, even though they are freshly washed. When this starts to happen I dye them to make them look fresh and new. For the dye I look for the most environmentally responsible dye I can find that I can use in the washing machine. For these, I used Simplicol Forest Green from Amazon.

Better buying Choices

How did you do? Did you throw away much? If you didn’t that’s great, you have obviously done this before and have a hold on what you need, use and can ethically dispose of.

If a lot went in the bin, don’t worry, feel guilty or have regrets. Consider it a positive experience. How can you make better buying choices moving forward?

  • Buy new products in trial sizes so you can work out if it works for you.
  • Buy reusable travel bottles or reuse old trial size containers to decant larger bottles for travel.
  • Buy products in non-plastic recyclable containers. Aluminium is light and recyclable. Glass is recyclable but heavy for transport. Cardboard is light, compostable & recyclable.
  • Buy products that can be refilled or containers returned to the manufacturer for reuse. Cacao Pow Deo Bar & Green Women Deodorant jars can be returned for reuse. Faith in Nature 5L bottles can be reused at their factory.
  • Buy multipurpose products. Coconut oil can be used as a make-up remover, body lotion, cleanser & lip balm.
  • Don’t Hord. Buying deodorants or toothpaste in bulk to save some pennies makes sense as they are everyday products you will use. But buying 3 different cleanser’s does not really make sense.

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