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Neals Yard Remedies

Brand Intro: Formed in 1981, as a small modern apothecary in Covent Garden. Neals Yard is now available on 5 continents in shops, online and as home parties. Using natural, organic ingredients,including herbs and botanicals.

Some of the ingredients are grown in its own organic garden.

Neals Yard

Founded in 1981 by Romy Fraser, and now owned by the Kindersley Family.

What: Originally formed as a modern Apothecary. With herbal, aromatherpy & homeopathy remedies as well as beauty products.

Ingredients Policy: As many organic fairtrade ingredients as possible. Certified by the Soil Assocation since 1991. No Harmful pesticides, GM ingredients, Controversial chemicals, Parabens and phthalates, Synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances. A lot of the organics ingredients are grown on their farm and the beauty products are made in Dorset. The company has been carbon neutral for 10 years, uses 100% renewable power and recycled 10% off the factory water.

Packaging – Blue glass packaging made in Yorkshire. Most plastic bottles are made with 100% post consumer waste with an aim to switch all plastic bottles to be recycled by 2025.

Awards and accreditations – Accredited by The Ethical Company Organisation with 100/100 score, Certified by the Soil Association & certified cruelty-free. Individual products are certified Vegan, Vegetarian and Ethical Best Buys.

Customer Reviews: See reviews for individual products on Neals Yard Remedies

What I like: Ethics, packaging & transparency.

What I did not like: Nothing.

My hero products: Bubble Bath! Its so hard to find an ethical bubblebath and I love these ones!

Where to buy? Neals Yard Remedies & Big Green Smile





Certified Vegan


Certified Cruelty-free


Certified Organic


Marine Safe

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