Closing the recycle loop – 4 Recycled Homewares that make sense

I am really pleased to see the influx of product made with recycled materials! It may be companies jumping on the bandwagon in some respects, but some products make so much sense coming from recycled materials and thus closing the recycling loop. Frying pans made from recycled aluminium, rugs made from old cotton t-shirts, curtains made from recycled Polyester and duvets made from repurposed feathers. All these products can be safely be made from recycled materials with no loss of quality.

Below is my round-up of the 4 best and most accessible products that are made from recyclable materials but also, more importantly, are recyclable at the end of its life. Closing the recycling loop and keeping it moving.

Prestige Eco
Prestige Eco

Prestige Eco Cookware

Made from recycled materials with a plant-based non-stick coating that is non-toxic to human health and does not contain any Palm Oil or PFOA.

The collection includes several frying pans and saucepans which are recyclable at the end of use by taking it to your local recycling centre.

Made in Italy.

Available from Prestige, Very & Amazon

Stitched Curtains & Blinds
Stitched Curtains & Blinds

Stitched Curtain & Blinds

Curtains & Blinds made from recycled fabric’s milled in the UK, and made in Merseyside! What could be a more perfect use of recycled Polyester, plastic bottles and silk!

To see the ins and outs of this great company, please see my Brand Directory entry for Stitched here

Made to order direct from the website Stitched

Hug Rug Bee
Hug Rug Bee

Hug Rug 

Protective mats and rugs made in Yorkshire from recycled materials.

Old t-shirts, plastic bottles and recycled industrial plastic’s are used to make Hug Rug’s popular mats. These mats are also 100%  recyclable after use.

See my Brand Directory here for more details on this great Yorkshire company.

Available from Amazon & Natural Collection

Duvets and pillows are something you see a lot of that’s made out of recycled plastic bottles. I hesitated to put it in this article as I do not know of any council that excepts duvets for recycling and to me, it is dead-end recycling.

I was very pleased to see a duvet made out of recycled feather and down. Not only are you reusing a used material, but you also need to rear fewer birds for feathers and use less energy to process the feathers.

Soak & Sleep

Recycled Feather & Down Duvet. Made using recycled feather and down that is washed and repurposed into a duvet with a cotton outer.

Perfect for those who prefer a feather duvet but are apprehensive about the cruelty aspect of using feathers. To reuse is obviously much better than fresh feathers and that’s why I name it as one of the best uses, even though the filling would actually be biodegradable if not reused.

Hope you liked that small list of suggestions of how to make recycling more viable by closing the recycling loop. If you have any other suggestions please let me know in the comment box below, I love hearing about new companies and new products.

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