About me

Hi, I am Louise. I started this blog as an extension of my store Wild Earth Beauty. On Wild Earth Beauty I showcase great artisan UK products, that are ethical, cruelty-free, natural and vegan.

I have always been interested in living naturally and consciously but to be honest, life got in the way. With 3 children and a busy career, it was often the shortest, cheapest, easiest route that was chosen.

Move on a few years and living in a more conscious way is now easier than it has ever been. The information is now out there to find and the transparency of products and brands is really at an all-time high.

A number of things we have been doing for years but now I feel that we can step it up, to explore a different way of doing things, to become that conscious consumer I always aspired to be.

I am not an expert, just a normal person trying to live better in a more conscious way, the operative word being in a”more” conscious way. I do my best and not all my choices will seem like the perfect textbook way of doing things, but I aspire not to be perfect but to make a difference.

This blog is about exploring conscious living and attempting to show ways in which all can contribute to making a difference no matter who we are, where we live and how much money we have.

I aspire:

  • To make a difference in our environment by reducing our single-use consumption, whether a product or its packaging. To reuse items, reduce packaging, eliminate plastics and think before we buy.
  • By making a difference in our economy by buying products made in the UK, this supports our jobs, taxes and reduces air miles.
  • By making a difference in our countryside & animal welfare by supporting organically grown produce.
  • By making a social impact in struggling countries by buying fairtrade or equivalent items. It’s about knowing where your items came from.
  • By making a difference in our health. Looking at what is in beauty & personal care items/services and whether these items are really needed and whether they can be deemed as an ethical choice.

One of the most important issues is that all of the above should be accessible to all. No matter what your monthly income is you should be able to make an impact on your health, wellbeing and environment by becoming a conscious consumer. It may not be deemed as perfect but a little change is better than nothing.


We but mirror the world…If we could change ourselves, the tendancies in the world would also change….We need not wait to see what others do.

Mahatma Ghandi 1960

These pages are linked to my store Wild Earth Beauty and to other stores, some with an affiliate link some without.

I don’t promote or sell items I do not believe in and my reviews can be a little too honest at times so you will see what I really think. I review products after I have emptied a full-size product unless It says differently. I review services usually after using 1 to 3 times, again it will say on the review.

Please have a look around and let me know what you think, feel free to correct my grammar or wrong assumptions, I am always happy to take polite constructive criticism.

I am not perfect nor do I aspire to be.

Best Wishes